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Horse Boarding in Magnolia


Horse Boarding & Care Packages

The Woodlands Riding Center provides a secure haven for horse boarding in Magnolia. Our recently renovated facility offers a luxurious retreat for your horse, conveniently located just moments away from your home. We offer a range of tailored horse boarding and care packages to suit your needs. Our clean, well-maintained facilities prioritize your horse’s comfort and safety, featuring spacious stalls with soft bedding and ample turnout space in lush pastures. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensures daily care, including grooming, feeding, customized exercise regimens, and wellness therapies. With certified caregivers who understand your horse is part of your family, rest assured they’re treated as one of our own.

Clients can select boarding and care packages below, based on their needs.

Types of Boarding Packages We Offer

Stall Boarding

Prioritize your horse's welfare with our clean, secure boarding stalls for rent in Magnolia. Our stall board package includes daily cleaning and turnout services, ensuring a well-maintained environment. All packages come with quality feed and hay customized to your horse's dietary requirements, as well as access to a range of amenities. Perfect for owners seeking top-notch comfort and care for their horses when they can't be there. Discover our stall boarding packages below.

Pasture Boarding

With our pasture boarding packages, your horse has access to 7 shared pastures, spanning around 18 acres, accompanied by a loafing shed for shelter. This specialized choice is designed for horses that flourish in open spaces, offering the freedom to graze and roam freely. Our experienced staff guarantees their welfare with attentive care and consistent monitoring. Given our limited availability, early booking is advised to secure your spot. Trust that your horse will receive quality care every step of the way.

Newly Renovated Barns & Stalls

Open Pastures

Horse Boarding & Care Packages in Magnolia

Self Care Stall Board:

The self care option is available for those who want to take care of their horses on their own, but still need stall boarding. Included is turning in and out daily, stall cleaning and hay.

Self Care Pasture Board:

This self care option is available for those who want to take care of their horses on their own, but still need pasture boarding. Includes hay.

Partial Care Stall Board:

The partial care stall boarding services include feeding, hay, stall cleaning, Turing in and out daily, daily grooming, feed, and one red light therapy session a month.

Partial Care Pasture Board:

The partial care pasture boarding service includes feeding and hay.

Full Care Stall Board:

Our full care stall boarding services include feeding, daily grooming, blanketing, one Red Light Therapy session a month, feed, turning out twice daily, and stall cleaning.

Full Care Pasture Board:

Our full care pasture boarding services include feeding, blanketing, round bale, one Red Light Therapy session a mont and feed.

Is Your Horse Ready To Check In?

At The Woodlands Riding & Equestrian Center, we recognize your horse as more than just a pet; they hold a special place as a cherished companion and a family member. Our range of tailored packages for our horse boarding facility in Magnolia ensures daily care for your equine companion. Our unwavering commitment to delivering quality care and support provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your horse is content, healthy, and thriving under our watchful care.